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internal::TriangulationImplementation::Iterators< 1, spacedim > Struct Template Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/tria_iterator_selector.h>

Detailed Description

template<int spacedim>
struct internal::TriangulationImplementation::Iterators< 1, spacedim >

This class implements some types which differ between the dimensions. These are the declarations for the 1D case only. See the Iterators on mesh-like containers module for more information.

A line_iterator is aliased to an iterator operating on the lines member variable of a Triangulation<1> object. An active_line_iterator only operates on the active lines. raw_line_iterator objects operate on all lines, used or not.

Since we are in one dimension, the following identities are declared:

To enable the declaration of begin_quad and the like in Triangulation<1>, the quad_iterators are declared as iterators over InvalidAccessor. Thus these types exist, but are useless and will certainly make any involuntary use visible. The same holds for hexahedron iterators.

The same applies for the face_iterator types, since lines have no substructures apart from vertices, which are handled in a different way, however.

Wolfgang Bangerth, 1998

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