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internal::FEValuesViews::Cache< dim, spacedim > Struct Template Reference

#include <deal.II/fe/fe_values.h>

Public Member Functions

 Cache (const FEValuesBase< dim, spacedim > &fe_values)

Public Attributes

std::vector<::FEValuesViews::Scalar< dim, spacedim > > scalars

Detailed Description

template<int dim, int spacedim>
struct internal::FEValuesViews::Cache< dim, spacedim >

A class objects of which store a collection of FEValuesViews::Scalar, FEValuesViews::Vector, etc object. The FEValuesBase class uses it to generate all possible Views classes upon construction time; we do this at construction time since the Views classes cache some information and are therefore relatively expensive to create.

Definition at line 1948 of file fe_values.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Cache()

template<int dim, int spacedim>
internal::FEValuesViews::Cache< dim, spacedim >::Cache ( const FEValuesBase< dim, spacedim > &  fe_values)


Definition at line 2591 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ scalars

template<int dim, int spacedim>
std::vector<::FEValuesViews::Scalar<dim, spacedim> > internal::FEValuesViews::Cache< dim, spacedim >::scalars

Caches for scalar and vector, and symmetric second-order tensor valued views.

Definition at line 1954 of file fe_values.h.

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