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internal::DoFHandlerImplementation::Implementation Struct Reference

Static Public Member Functions

template<int spacedim>
static unsigned int max_couplings_between_dofs (const DoFHandler< 1, spacedim > &dof_handler)
template<int spacedim>
static void reserve_space (DoFHandler< 1, spacedim > &dof_handler)

Detailed Description

A class with the same purpose as the similarly named class of the Triangulation class. See there for more information.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ max_couplings_between_dofs()

template<int spacedim>
static unsigned int internal::DoFHandlerImplementation::Implementation::max_couplings_between_dofs ( const DoFHandler< 1, spacedim > &  dof_handler)

Implement the function of same name in the mother class.

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◆ reserve_space()

template<int spacedim>
static void internal::DoFHandlerImplementation::Implementation::reserve_space ( DoFHandler< 1, spacedim > &  dof_handler)

Reserve enough space in the levels[] objects to store the numbers of the degrees of freedom needed for the given element. The given element is that one which was selected when calling distribute_dofs the last time.

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