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Particles::Generators Namespace Reference


template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
void regular_reference_locations (const Triangulation< dim, spacedim > &triangulation, const std::vector< Point< dim >> &particle_reference_locations, ParticleHandler< dim, spacedim > &particle_handler, const Mapping< dim, spacedim > &mapping=StaticMappingQ1< dim, spacedim >::mapping)

Detailed Description

A namespace that contains all classes that are related to the particle generation.

Function Documentation

◆ regular_reference_locations()

template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
void Particles::Generators::regular_reference_locations ( const Triangulation< dim, spacedim > &  triangulation,
const std::vector< Point< dim >> &  particle_reference_locations,
ParticleHandler< dim, spacedim > &  particle_handler,
const Mapping< dim, spacedim > &  mapping = StaticMappingQ1<dim, spacedim>::mapping 

A function that generates particles in every cell at specified particle_reference_locations. The total number of particles that is added to the particle_handler object is the number of locally owned cells of the triangulation times the number of locations in particle_reference_locations. An optional mapping argument can be used to map from particle_reference_locations to the real particle locations.

triangulationThe triangulation associated with the particle_handler.
particle_reference_locationsA vector of positions in the unit cell. Particles will be generated in every cell at these locations.
particle_handlerThe particle handler that will take ownership of the generated particles.
mappingAn optional mapping object that is used to map reference location in the unit cell to the real cells of the triangulation. If no mapping is provided a MappingQ1 is assumed.

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