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mapping.h File Reference
#include <deal.II/base/config.h>
#include <deal.II/base/array_view.h>
#include <deal.II/base/derivative_form.h>
#include <deal.II/fe/fe_update_flags.h>
#include <deal.II/fe/mapping_related_data.h>
#include <deal.II/grid/tria.h>
#include <deal.II/hp/q_collection.h>
#include <deal.II/non_matching/immersed_surface_quadrature.h>
#include <array>
#include <cmath>
#include <memory>

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class  Mapping< dim, spacedim >
 Abstract base class for mapping classes. More...
class  Mapping< dim, spacedim >::InternalDataBase




enum  MappingKind {
  mapping_none = 0x0000 , mapping_covariant = 0x0001 , mapping_contravariant = 0x0002 , mapping_covariant_gradient = 0x0003 ,
  mapping_contravariant_gradient = 0x0004 , mapping_piola = 0x0100 , mapping_piola_gradient = 0x0101 , mapping_nedelec = 0x0200 ,
  mapping_raviart_thomas = 0x0300 , mapping_bdm = mapping_raviart_thomas , mapping_covariant_hessian , mapping_contravariant_hessian ,


template<int dim, int spacedim>
const Mapping< dim, spacedim > & get_default_linear_mapping (const Triangulation< dim, spacedim > &triangulation)

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◆ get_default_linear_mapping()

template<int dim, int spacedim>
const Mapping<dim, spacedim>& get_default_linear_mapping ( const Triangulation< dim, spacedim > &  triangulation)

Return a default linear mapping that works for the given triangulation. Internally, this function calls the function above for the reference cell used by the given triangulation, assuming that the triangulation uses only a single cell type. If the triangulation uses mixed cell types, then this function will trigger an exception.

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