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class  ComputeMappingDataHelper


template<int dim0, int dim1, int spacedim>
std::pair< std::vector< Point< spacedim > >, std::vector< unsigned int > > qpoints_over_locally_owned_cells (const GridTools::Cache< dim0, spacedim > &cache, const DoFHandler< dim1, spacedim > &immersed_dh, const Quadrature< dim1 > &quad, const Mapping< dim1, spacedim > &immersed_mapping, const bool tria_is_parallel)
template<int dim0, int dim1, int spacedim>
std::pair< std::vector< unsigned int >, std::vector< unsigned int > > compute_components_coupling (const ComponentMask &comps0, const ComponentMask &comps1, const FiniteElement< dim0, spacedim > &fe0, const FiniteElement< dim1, spacedim > &fe1)

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◆ qpoints_over_locally_owned_cells()

template<int dim0, int dim1, int spacedim>
std::pair<std::vector<Point<spacedim> >, std::vector<unsigned int> > NonMatching::internal::qpoints_over_locally_owned_cells ( const GridTools::Cache< dim0, spacedim > &  cache,
const DoFHandler< dim1, spacedim > &  immersed_dh,
const Quadrature< dim1 > &  quad,
const Mapping< dim1, spacedim > &  immersed_mapping,
const bool  tria_is_parallel 

Given two triangulations, the first immersed inside the other, this function computes and returns the real-space quadrature points of the immersed triangulation.

For reference: cache->triangulation() is the imbdedding triangulation, which contains immersed_dh->get_triangulation() the embedded triangulation

Mapping and quadrature are those of this second triangulation.

If the triangulation inside cache is parallel, only points lying over locally owned cells are returned. This is why a vector of unsigned int is returned: it describes the indices of cells from the immersed triangulation which have been used (relative to a loop over al cells). If embedding triangulation is not parallel, all cells shall be used.

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◆ compute_components_coupling()

template<int dim0, int dim1, int spacedim>
std::pair<std::vector<unsigned int>, std::vector<unsigned int> > NonMatching::internal::compute_components_coupling ( const ComponentMask comps0,
const ComponentMask comps1,
const FiniteElement< dim0, spacedim > &  fe0,
const FiniteElement< dim1, spacedim > &  fe1 

Given two ComponentMasks and the corresponding finite element spaces, compute a pairing between the selected components of the first finite element space, and the selected components of the second finite element space.

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