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MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData Class Reference

#include <deal.II/fe/mapping_cartesian.h>

Inheritance diagram for MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData:

Public Member Functions

 InternalData ()=default
 InternalData (const Quadrature< dim > &quadrature)
virtual std::size_t memory_consumption () const override

Public Attributes

Tensor< 1, dim > cell_extents
double volume_element
std::vector< Point< dim > > quadrature_points
UpdateFlags update_each

Detailed Description

template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
class MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData

Storage for internal data of the mapping. See Mapping::InternalDataBase for an extensive description.

This includes data that is computed once when the object is created (in get_data()) as well as data the class wants to store from between the call to fill_fe_values(), fill_fe_face_values(), or fill_fe_subface_values() until possible later calls from the finite element to functions such as transform(). The latter class of member variables are marked as 'mutable'.

Definition at line 202 of file mapping_cartesian.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InternalData() [1/2]

template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData::InternalData ( )

Default constructor.

◆ InternalData() [2/2]

template<int dim, int spacedim>
MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData::InternalData ( const Quadrature< dim > &  quadrature)

Constructor that initializes the object with a quadrature.

Definition at line 92 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ memory_consumption()

template<int dim, int spacedim>
std::size_t MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData::memory_consumption

Return an estimate (in bytes) for the memory consumption of this object.

Definition at line 103 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ cell_extents

template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
Tensor<1, dim> MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData::cell_extents

Extents of the last cell we have seen in the coordinate directions, i.e., hx, hy, hz.

Definition at line 225 of file mapping_cartesian.h.

◆ volume_element

template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
double MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData::volume_element

The volume element

Definition at line 230 of file mapping_cartesian.h.

◆ quadrature_points

template<int dim, int spacedim = dim>
std::vector<Point<dim> > MappingCartesian< dim, spacedim >::InternalData::quadrature_points

Vector of all quadrature points. Especially, all points on all faces.

Definition at line 235 of file mapping_cartesian.h.

◆ update_each

UpdateFlags Mapping< dim, spacedim >::InternalDataBase::update_each

A set of update flags specifying the kind of information that an implementation of the Mapping interface needs to compute on each cell or face, i.e., in Mapping::fill_fe_values() and friends.

This set of flags is stored here by implementations of Mapping::get_data(), Mapping::get_face_data(), or Mapping::get_subface_data(), and is that subset of the update flags passed to those functions that require re-computation on every cell. (The subset of the flags corresponding to information that can be computed once and for all already at the time of the call to Mapping::get_data() – or an implementation of that interface – need not be stored here because it has already been taken care of.)

Definition at line 678 of file mapping.h.

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