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SolutionTransfer< dim, VectorType, DoFHandlerType >::Pointerstruct Struct Reference

Detailed Description

template<int dim, typename VectorType = Vector<double>, typename DoFHandlerType = DoFHandler<dim>>
struct SolutionTransfer< dim, VectorType, DoFHandlerType >::Pointerstruct

All cell data (the dof indices and the dof values) should be accessible from each cell. As each cell has got only one user_pointer, multiple pointers to the data need to be packetized in a structure. Note that in our case on each cell either the vector<unsigned int> indices (if the cell will be refined) or the vector<double> dof_values (if the children of this cell will be deleted) is needed, hence one user_pointer should be sufficient, but to allow some error checks and to preserve the user from making user errors the user_pointer will be 'multiplied' by this structure.

Definition at line 535 of file solution_transfer.h.

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