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PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/lac/petsc_precondition.h>

Public Member Functions

 AdditionalData (const unsigned int symmetric=1, const unsigned int n_levels=1, const double threshold=0.1, const double filter=0.05, const bool output_details=false)

Public Attributes

unsigned int symmetric
unsigned int n_levels
double threshold
double filter
bool output_details

Detailed Description

Standardized data struct to pipe additional flags to the preconditioner.

Definition at line 823 of file petsc_precondition.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdditionalData()

PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData::AdditionalData ( const unsigned int  symmetric = 1,
const unsigned int  n_levels = 1,
const double  threshold = 0.1,
const double  filter = 0.05,
const bool  output_details = false 


Definition at line 707 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ symmetric

unsigned int PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData::symmetric

This parameter specifies the type of problem to solve:

  • 0: nonsymmetric and/or indefinite problem, and nonsymmetric preconditioner
  • 1: SPD problem, and SPD (factored) preconditioner
  • 2: nonsymmetric, definite problem, and SPD (factored) preconditioner

Default is symmetric = 1.

Definition at line 845 of file petsc_precondition.h.

◆ n_levels

unsigned int PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData::n_levels

The sparsity pattern used for the approximate inverse is the pattern of a power B^m where B has been sparsified from the given matrix A, n_level is equal to m+1. Default value is n_levels = 1.

Definition at line 853 of file petsc_precondition.h.

◆ threshold

double PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData::threshold

Sparsification is performed by dropping nonzeros which are smaller than thresh in magnitude. Lower values of thresh lead to more accurate, but also more expensive preconditioners. Default value is thresh = 0.1. Setting thresh < 0 a threshold is selected automatically, such that -thresh represents the fraction of nonzero elements that are dropped. For example, if thresh = -0.9, then B will contain about ten percent of the nonzeros of the given matrix A.

Definition at line 865 of file petsc_precondition.h.

◆ filter

double PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData::filter

Filtering is a post-processing procedure, filter represents a fraction of nonzero elements that are dropped after creating the approximate inverse sparsity pattern. Default value is filter = 0.05. Setting filter < 0 a value is selected automatically, such that -filter represents the fraction of nonzero elements that are dropped. For example, if thresh = -0.9, then about 90 percent of the entries in the computed approximate inverse are dropped.

Definition at line 877 of file petsc_precondition.h.

◆ output_details

bool PETScWrappers::PreconditionParaSails::AdditionalData::output_details

Setting this flag to true produces output from HYPRE, when the preconditioner is constructed.

Definition at line 883 of file petsc_precondition.h.

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