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GridOutFlags::XFig Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/grid_out.h>

Public Types

enum  Coloring { material_id , level_number , subdomain_id , level_subdomain_id }

Public Member Functions

 XFig ()
void parse_parameters (ParameterHandler &param)

Static Public Member Functions

static void declare_parameters (ParameterHandler &param)

Public Attributes

bool draw_boundary
enum GridOutFlags::XFig::Coloring color_by
bool level_depth
unsigned int n_boundary_face_points
Point< 2 > scaling
Point< 2 > offset
int fill_style
int line_style
int line_thickness
int boundary_style
int boundary_thickness

Detailed Description

Flags for XFig output.

Definition at line 549 of file grid_out.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Coloring

An enum used for deciding which field is used for coloring the cells.


Convert the material id into the cell color.


Convert the level into the cell color.


Convert the global subdomain id into the cell color.


Convert the level subdomain id into the cell color.

Definition at line 559 of file grid_out.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XFig()

GridOutFlags::XFig::XFig ( )


Definition at line 366 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ declare_parameters()

void GridOutFlags::XFig::declare_parameters ( ParameterHandler param)

Declare parameters in ParameterHandler.

Definition at line 381 of file

◆ parse_parameters()

void GridOutFlags::XFig::parse_parameters ( ParameterHandler param)

Parse parameters of ParameterHandler.

Definition at line 397 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ draw_boundary

bool GridOutFlags::XFig::draw_boundary

Draw boundary lines. Default is true.

Definition at line 554 of file grid_out.h.

◆ color_by

enum GridOutFlags::XFig::Coloring GridOutFlags::XFig::color_by

◆ level_depth

bool GridOutFlags::XFig::level_depth

Code level to depth. Default is true. If false, color depends on material or boundary id.

Depth of the object is 900-level, if this value is true.

Definition at line 577 of file grid_out.h.

◆ n_boundary_face_points

unsigned int GridOutFlags::XFig::n_boundary_face_points

Additional points for curved boundaries. Default is none.

Definition at line 582 of file grid_out.h.

◆ scaling

Point<2> GridOutFlags::XFig::scaling

Scaling of graph. The default is a unit length of one inch.

Definition at line 587 of file grid_out.h.

◆ offset

Point<2> GridOutFlags::XFig::offset

Offset of the graph. Before scaling, the coordinates are shifted by this value. Default is zero in each direction.

Definition at line 593 of file grid_out.h.

◆ fill_style

int GridOutFlags::XFig::fill_style

Style for filling cells. Default is solid fill (20). This value is forwarded unchanged into the corresponding field fill_style of the polyline object of XFig.

Definition at line 600 of file grid_out.h.

◆ line_style

int GridOutFlags::XFig::line_style

Style for drawing border lines of polygons. Defaults to solid (0) and is forwarded to XFig.

Definition at line 606 of file grid_out.h.

◆ line_thickness

int GridOutFlags::XFig::line_thickness

Thickness of border lines of polygons. Default is 1.

Set this to zero to avoid border lines for very fine meshes.

Definition at line 613 of file grid_out.h.

◆ boundary_style

int GridOutFlags::XFig::boundary_style

Style for drawing lines at the boundary. Defaults to solid (0).

Definition at line 618 of file grid_out.h.

◆ boundary_thickness

int GridOutFlags::XFig::boundary_thickness

Thickness of boundary lines. Default is 3.

Definition at line 623 of file grid_out.h.

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