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GridOutFlags::Svg Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/grid_out.h>

Public Types

enum  Background { transparent , white , dealii }
enum  Coloring {
  none , material_id , level_number , subdomain_id ,

Public Member Functions

 Svg (const unsigned int line_thickness=2, const unsigned int boundary_line_thickness=4, const bool margin=true, const Background background=white, const int azimuth_angle=0, const int polar_angle=0, const Coloring coloring=level_number, const bool convert_level_number_to_height=false, const bool label_level_number=false, const bool label_cell_index=false, const bool label_material_id=false, const bool label_subdomain_id=false, const bool draw_colorbar=false, const bool draw_legend=false, const bool label_boundary_id=false)

Public Attributes

unsigned int height
unsigned int width
unsigned int line_thickness
unsigned int boundary_line_thickness
bool margin
Background background
int azimuth_angle
int polar_angle
Coloring coloring
bool convert_level_number_to_height
float level_height_factor
float cell_font_scaling
bool label_level_number
bool label_cell_index
bool label_material_id
bool label_subdomain_id
bool label_level_subdomain_id
bool label_boundary_id
bool draw_colorbar
bool draw_legend

Detailed Description

Flags controlling SVG output.

The figure below is a zoomed-in illustration of what the SVG flags are capable of producing. These exact settings are the same as those used in the test tests/grid/ with the addition of the flag svg_flags.label_boundary_id = true; .

Definition at line 656 of file grid_out.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Background

An enum describing all possible background styles.


Use transparent value of SVG.


Use white background.


Use a gradient from white (top) to steelblue (bottom), and add date and time plus a deal.II logo. Automatically draws a margin.

Definition at line 687 of file grid_out.h.

◆ Coloring

Cell coloring.


No cell coloring.


Convert the material id into the cell color (default)


Convert the level number into the cell color.


Convert the subdomain id into the cell color.


Convert the level subdomain id into the cell color.

Definition at line 727 of file grid_out.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Svg()

GridOutFlags::Svg::Svg ( const unsigned int  line_thickness = 2,
const unsigned int  boundary_line_thickness = 4,
const bool  margin = true,
const Background  background = white,
const int  azimuth_angle = 0,
const int  polar_angle = 0,
const Coloring  coloring = level_number,
const bool  convert_level_number_to_height = false,
const bool  label_level_number = false,
const bool  label_cell_index = false,
const bool  label_material_id = false,
const bool  label_subdomain_id = false,
const bool  draw_colorbar = false,
const bool  draw_legend = false,
const bool  label_boundary_id = false 


Definition at line 410 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ height

unsigned int GridOutFlags::Svg::height

Height of the plot in SVG units, computed from width if zero. Defaults to 1000.

Definition at line 662 of file grid_out.h.

◆ width

unsigned int GridOutFlags::Svg::width

The width of the plot. Computed automatically from height if zero (default).

Definition at line 668 of file grid_out.h.

◆ line_thickness

unsigned int GridOutFlags::Svg::line_thickness

Thickness of the lines between cells.

Definition at line 673 of file grid_out.h.

◆ boundary_line_thickness

unsigned int GridOutFlags::Svg::boundary_line_thickness

Thickness of lines at the boundary.

Definition at line 677 of file grid_out.h.

◆ margin

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::margin

Margin around the plotted area.

Definition at line 682 of file grid_out.h.

◆ background

Background GridOutFlags::Svg::background

The style used for the background of the mesh.

Definition at line 709 of file grid_out.h.

◆ azimuth_angle

int GridOutFlags::Svg::azimuth_angle

The azimuth angle measured from ??? in degrees. Default is 0.

Definition at line 717 of file grid_out.h.

◆ polar_angle

int GridOutFlags::Svg::polar_angle

The angle from vertically above the xy-plane. Default is 0.

Definition at line 722 of file grid_out.h.

◆ coloring

Coloring GridOutFlags::Svg::coloring

Definition at line 741 of file grid_out.h.

◆ convert_level_number_to_height

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::convert_level_number_to_height

Interpret the level number of the cells as altitude over the x-y-plane (useful in the perspective view).

Definition at line 745 of file grid_out.h.

◆ level_height_factor

float GridOutFlags::Svg::level_height_factor

The factor determining the vertical distance between levels (default = 0.3.

Definition at line 751 of file grid_out.h.

◆ cell_font_scaling

float GridOutFlags::Svg::cell_font_scaling

Scaling of the font for cell annotations. Defaults to 1.

Definition at line 756 of file grid_out.h.

◆ label_level_number

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::label_level_number

Write level number into each cell. Defaults to false.

Definition at line 760 of file grid_out.h.

◆ label_cell_index

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::label_cell_index

Write cell index into each cell. Defaults to false.

Definition at line 765 of file grid_out.h.

◆ label_material_id

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::label_material_id

Write material id of each cell. Defaults to false.

Definition at line 770 of file grid_out.h.

◆ label_subdomain_id

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::label_subdomain_id

Write subdomain id of each cell. Defaults to false.

Definition at line 775 of file grid_out.h.

◆ label_level_subdomain_id

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::label_level_subdomain_id

Write level subdomain id of each cell. Defaults to false.

Definition at line 780 of file grid_out.h.

◆ label_boundary_id

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::label_boundary_id

Write boundary id of each boundary face in a circle on the corresponding boundary edge. Defaults to false.

Note: Depending on the choice of image viewer, the boundary id labels may not appear to be centered in the circle.

Definition at line 789 of file grid_out.h.

◆ draw_colorbar

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::draw_colorbar

Draw a colorbar next to the plotted grid with respect to the chosen coloring of the cells.

Definition at line 795 of file grid_out.h.

◆ draw_legend

bool GridOutFlags::Svg::draw_legend

Draw a legend next to the plotted grid, explaining the label of the cells.

Definition at line 801 of file grid_out.h.

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