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DoFRenumbering::ComparePointwiseDownstream< dim > Struct Template Reference

#include <deal.II/dofs/dof_renumbering.h>

Public Member Functions

 ComparePointwiseDownstream (const Tensor< 1, dim > &dir)
bool operator() (const std::pair< Point< dim >, types::global_dof_index > &c1, const std::pair< Point< dim >, types::global_dof_index > &c2) const

Private Attributes

const Tensor< 1, dim > dir

Detailed Description

template<int dim>
struct DoFRenumbering::ComparePointwiseDownstream< dim >

Point based comparator for downstream directions: it returns true if the second point is downstream of the first one with respect to the direction given to the constructor. If the points are the same with respect to the downstream direction, the point with the lower DoF number is considered smaller.

Definition at line 384 of file dof_renumbering.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ComparePointwiseDownstream()

template<int dim>
DoFRenumbering::ComparePointwiseDownstream< dim >::ComparePointwiseDownstream ( const Tensor< 1, dim > &  dir)


Definition at line 389 of file dof_renumbering.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<int dim>
bool DoFRenumbering::ComparePointwiseDownstream< dim >::operator() ( const std::pair< Point< dim >, types::global_dof_index > &  c1,
const std::pair< Point< dim >, types::global_dof_index > &  c2 
) const

Return true if c1 less c2.

Definition at line 396 of file dof_renumbering.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dir

template<int dim>
const Tensor<1, dim> DoFRenumbering::ComparePointwiseDownstream< dim >::dir

Flow direction.

Definition at line 407 of file dof_renumbering.h.

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