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Differentiation::AD::NumberTraits< ScalarType, ADNumberTypeCode, T > Struct Template Reference

#include <deal.II/differentiation/ad/ad_number_traits.h>

Detailed Description

template<typename ScalarType, enum NumberTypes ADNumberTypeCode, typename T = void>
struct Differentiation::AD::NumberTraits< ScalarType, ADNumberTypeCode, T >

A number traits class to help describe some characteristic information about auto-differentiable numbers.

Template Parameters
ScalarTypeA real or complex floating point number.
ADNumberTypeCodeAn enumeration specifying the type code for the supported auto-differentiable counterpart to the given ScalarType.
TAn arbitrary type resulting from the application of the SFINAE idiom to selectively specialize this class.
Jean-Paul Pelteret, 2017

Definition at line 53 of file ad_number_traits.h.

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