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#include <deal.II/lac/petsc_compatibility.h>
#include <petsc/private/pcimpl.h>
#include <petsc/private/petscimpl.h>
#include <petsc/private/snesimpl.h>
#include <petsc/private/tsimpl.h>
#include <petscdm.h>

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#define AssertPETSc(code)


void PETScWrappers::petsc_increment_state_counter (Vec v)
void PETScWrappers::petsc_increment_state_counter (Mat A)
PetscErrorCode PETScWrappers::pc_set_failed_reason (PC pc, PCFailedReason reason)
void PETScWrappers::snes_reset_domain_flags (SNES snes)
void PETScWrappers::snes_set_jacobian_domain_error (SNES snes)
void PETScWrappers::set_use_matrix_free (SNES snes, const bool mf_operator, const bool mf)
void PETScWrappers::set_use_matrix_free (TS ts, const bool mf_operator, const bool mf)
void PETScWrappers::ts_set_max_steps (TS ts, const PetscInt maxsteps)
void PETScWrappers::ts_set_max_time (TS ts, const PetscReal maxtime)
void PETScWrappers::ts_reset_dm (TS ts)
unsigned int PETScWrappers::ts_get_step_number (TS ts)
bool PETScWrappers::ts_has_snes (TS ts)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ AssertPETSc

#define AssertPETSc (   code)
do \
{ \
PetscErrorCode ierr = (code); \
AssertThrow(ierr == 0, ExcPETScError(ierr)); \
} \
while (0)

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