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parameter_handler.h File Reference
#include <deal.II/base/config.h>
#include <deal.II/base/exceptions.h>
#include <deal.II/base/patterns.h>
#include <deal.II/base/subscriptor.h>
#include <boost/archive/basic_archive.hpp>
#include <boost/property_tree/ptree_fwd.hpp>
#include <boost/property_tree/ptree_serialization.hpp>
#include <boost/serialization/split_member.hpp>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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class  ParameterHandler
class  MultipleParameterLoop
class  MultipleParameterLoop::UserClass
class  MultipleParameterLoop::Entry


ParameterHandler::OutputStyle operator| (const ParameterHandler::OutputStyle f1, const ParameterHandler::OutputStyle f2)

Function Documentation

◆ operator|()

Global operator which returns an object in which all bits are set which are either set in the first or the second argument. This operator exists since if it did not then the result of the bit-or operator | would be an integer which would in turn trigger a compiler warning when we tried to assign it to an object of type ParameterHandler::OutputStyle.

Definition at line 1868 of file parameter_handler.h.