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SUNDIALS::Utilities Namespace Reference


template<typename F , typename... Args>
int call_and_possibly_capture_exception (const F &f, std::exception_ptr &eptr, Args &&...args)

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template<typename F , typename... Args>
int SUNDIALS::Utilities::call_and_possibly_capture_exception ( const F &  f,
std::exception_ptr &  eptr,
Args &&...  args 

A function that calls the function object given by its first argument with the set of arguments following at the end. If the call returns regularly, the current function returns zero to indicate success. If the call fails with an exception of type RecoverableUserCallbackError, then the current function returns 1 to indicate that the called function object thought the error it encountered is recoverable. If the call fails with any other exception, then the current function returns with an error code of -1. In each of the last two cases, the exception thrown by f is captured and eptr is set to the exception. In case of success, eptr is set to nullptr.

Definition at line 45 of file utilities.h.