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Gmsh Namespace Reference


class  AdditionalParameters


template<int spacedim>
void create_triangulation_from_boundary_curve (const TopoDS_Edge &boundary, Triangulation< 2, spacedim > &tria, const AdditionalParameters &prm=AdditionalParameters())
template Point< 2 > point (const gp_Pnt &p, const double tolerance)
template Point< 2 > push_forward (const TopoDS_Shape &in_shape, const double u, const double v)

Detailed Description

A collection of Gmsh related utilities and classes.

Luca Heltai, Dirk Peschka, 2018

Function Documentation

template<int spacedim>
void Gmsh::create_triangulation_from_boundary_curve ( const TopoDS_Edge &  boundary,
Triangulation< 2, spacedim > &  tria,
const AdditionalParameters prm = AdditionalParameters() 

Given a smooth closed curve creates a triangulation from it using Gmsh.

The input curve boundary should be closed.

Luca Heltai, Dirk Peschka, 2018

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template Point< 3 > Gmsh::point ( const gp_Pnt &  p,
const double  tolerance 

Convert OpenCASCADE point into a Point<spacedim>.

The tolerance argument is used to check if the non used components of the OpenCASCADE point are close to zero. If this is not the case, an assertion is thrown in debug mode.

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template Point< 3 > Gmsh::push_forward ( const TopoDS_Shape &  in_shape,
const double  u,
const double  v 

Given an elementary shape in_shape and the reference coordinates within the shape, returns the corresponding point in real space. If the shape is a TopoDS_Edge, the v coordinate is ignored. Only edges or faces, as returned by the function project_point_and_pull_back(), can be used as input to this function. If this is not the case, an Exception is thrown.

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