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TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator Class Reference

#include <deal.II/lac/trilinos_sparsity_pattern.h>

Public Types

using size_type = ::types::global_dof_index

Public Member Functions

 Iterator (const SparsityPattern *sparsity_pattern, const size_type row, const size_type index)
 Iterator (const Iterator &i)
Iteratoroperator++ ()
Iterator operator++ (int)
const Accessoroperator* () const
const Accessoroperator-> () const
bool operator== (const Iterator &) const
bool operator!= (const Iterator &) const
bool operator< (const Iterator &) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ::ExceptionBaseExcInvalidIndexWithinRow (size_type arg1, size_type arg2)

Private Attributes

Accessor accessor


class TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPattern

Detailed Description

Iterator class for sparsity patterns of type TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPattern. Access to individual elements of the sparsity pattern is handled by the Accessor class in this namespace.

Definition at line 176 of file trilinos_sparsity_pattern.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ size_type

Declare type for container size.

Definition at line 182 of file trilinos_sparsity_pattern.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Iterator() [1/2]

TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::Iterator ( const SparsityPattern sparsity_pattern,
const size_type  row,
const size_type  index 

Constructor. Create an iterator into the matrix matrix for the given row and the index within it.

◆ Iterator() [2/2]

TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::Iterator ( const Iterator i)

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator++() [1/2]

Iterator& TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator++ ( )

Prefix increment.

◆ operator++() [2/2]

Iterator TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator++ ( int  )

Postfix increment.

◆ operator*()

const Accessor& TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator* ( ) const

Dereferencing operator.

◆ operator->()

const Accessor* TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator-> ( ) const

Dereferencing operator.

◆ operator==()

bool TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator== ( const Iterator ) const

Comparison. True, if both iterators point to the same matrix position.

◆ operator!=()

bool TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator!= ( const Iterator ) const

Inverse of ==.

◆ operator<()

bool TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::operator< ( const Iterator ) const

Comparison operator. Result is true if either the first row number is smaller or if the row numbers are equal and the first index is smaller.

Member Data Documentation

◆ accessor

Accessor TrilinosWrappers::SparsityPatternIterators::Iterator::accessor

Store an object of the accessor class.

Definition at line 253 of file trilinos_sparsity_pattern.h.

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