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GridOutFlags::XFig Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/grid_out.h>

Public Types

enum  Coloring { material_id, level_number, subdomain_id, level_subdomain_id }

Public Member Functions

 XFig ()
void parse_parameters (ParameterHandler &param)

Static Public Member Functions

static void declare_parameters (ParameterHandler &param)

Public Attributes

bool draw_boundary
bool level_depth
unsigned int n_boundary_face_points
Point< 2 > scaling
Point< 2 > offset
int fill_style
int line_style
int line_thickness
int boundary_style
int boundary_thickness

Detailed Description

Flags for XFig output.

Definition at line 571 of file grid_out.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GridOutFlags::XFig::XFig ( )


Definition at line 384 of file

Member Function Documentation

void GridOutFlags::XFig::declare_parameters ( ParameterHandler param)

Declare parameters in ParameterHandler.

Definition at line 399 of file

void GridOutFlags::XFig::parse_parameters ( ParameterHandler param)

Parse parameters of ParameterHandler.

Definition at line 415 of file

Member Data Documentation

bool GridOutFlags::XFig::draw_boundary

Draw boundary lines. Default is true.

Definition at line 576 of file grid_out.h.

bool GridOutFlags::XFig::level_depth

Code level to depth. Default is true. If false, color depends on material or boundary id.

Depth of the object is 900-level, if this value is true.

Definition at line 599 of file grid_out.h.

unsigned int GridOutFlags::XFig::n_boundary_face_points

Additional points for curved boundaries. Default is none.

Definition at line 604 of file grid_out.h.

Point<2> GridOutFlags::XFig::scaling

Scaling of graph. The default is a unit length of one inch.

Definition at line 609 of file grid_out.h.

Point<2> GridOutFlags::XFig::offset

Offset of the graph. Before scaling, the coordinates are shifted by this value. Default is zero in each direction.

Definition at line 615 of file grid_out.h.

int GridOutFlags::XFig::fill_style

Style for filling cells. Default is solid fill (20). This value is forwarded unchanged into the corresponding field fill_style of the polyline object of XFig.

Definition at line 622 of file grid_out.h.

int GridOutFlags::XFig::line_style

Style for drawing border lines of polygons. Defaults to solid (0) and is forwarded to XFig.

Definition at line 628 of file grid_out.h.

int GridOutFlags::XFig::line_thickness

Thickness of border lines of polygons. Default is 1.

Set this to zero to avoid border lines for very fine meshes.

Definition at line 635 of file grid_out.h.

int GridOutFlags::XFig::boundary_style

Style for drawing lines at the boundary. Defaults to solid (0).

Definition at line 640 of file grid_out.h.

int GridOutFlags::XFig::boundary_thickness

Thickness of boundary lines. Default is 3.

Definition at line 645 of file grid_out.h.

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