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class  AlignedVectorCopy
class  AlignedVectorDefaultInitialize
class  AlignedVectorMove
class  AlignedVectorSet
struct  bool2type
struct  CurlType
struct  CurlType< 1, NumberType >
struct  CurlType< 2, NumberType >
struct  CurlType< 3, NumberType >
struct  EvaluatorTensorProduct
struct  EvaluatorTensorProduct< evaluate_evenodd, dim, fe_degree, n_q_points_1d, Number >
struct  EvaluatorTensorProduct< evaluate_general, dim, fe_degree, n_q_points_1d, Number >
struct  EvaluatorTensorProduct< evaluate_general, dim,-1, 0, Number >
struct  EvaluatorTensorProduct< evaluate_symmetric, dim, fe_degree, n_q_points_1d, Number >
struct  FEEvaluationImpl
struct  FEEvaluationImplCollocation
struct  FEEvaluationImplTransformToCollocation
struct  int2type
struct  is_explicitly_convertible
struct  NumberType
struct  NumberType< Tensor< rank, dim, T > >
struct  NumberType< VectorizedArray< T > >
struct  ProductTypeImpl
class  SolverBicgstabData
class  SubfaceCase
struct  SubfacePossibilities
struct  SubfacePossibilities< 0 >
struct  SubfacePossibilities< 1 >
struct  SubfacePossibilities< 2 >
struct  SubfacePossibilities< 3 >
struct  TableEntry


enum  EvaluatorVariant { evaluate_general, evaluate_symmetric, evaluate_evenodd }


static::ExceptionBase & ExcAccessToUninitializedField ()
template<class DI >
bool is_active_iterator (const DI &)
template<typename DoFHandlerType >
void extract_interpolation_matrices (const DoFHandlerType &,::Table< 2, FullMatrix< double > > &)

Detailed Description

This namespace defines the copy and set functions used in AlignedVector. These functions operate in parallel when there are enough elements in the vector.

Enumeration Type Documentation

In this namespace, the evaluator routines that evaluate the tensor products are implemented.


Do not use anything more than the tensor product structure of the finite element.


Perform evaluation by exploiting symmetry in the finite element: i.e., skip some computations by utilizing the symmetry in the shape functions and quadrature points.


Use symmetry to apply the operator to even and odd parts of the input vector separately: see the documentation of the EvaluatorTensorProduct specialization for more information.

Definition at line 35 of file tensor_product_kernels.h.

Function Documentation

template<class DI >
bool internal::is_active_iterator ( const DI &  )

Find out if an iterator supports inactive cells.

Definition at line 41 of file loop.h.

template<typename DoFHandlerType >
void internal::extract_interpolation_matrices ( const DoFHandlerType &  ,
::Table< 2, FullMatrix< double > > &   

Generate a table that contains interpolation matrices between each combination of finite elements used in a DoFHandler of some kind. Since not all elements can be interpolated onto each other, the table may contain empty matrices for those combinations of elements for which no such interpolation is implemented.

Definition at line 186 of file