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deal.II — an open source finite element library

What it is: A C++ software library supporting the creation of finite element codes and an open community of users and developers. (Learn more.)
Mission: To provide well-documented tools to build finite element codes for a broad variety of PDEs, from laptops to supercomputers.
Vision: To create an open, inclusive, participatory community providing users and developers with a state-of-the-art, comprehensive software library that constitutes the go-to solution for all finite element problems.
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deal.II is open source and available for free!

Help! » There are many resources for learning deal.II and asking for help.
Participate! » deal.II is a community project. We welcome all who want to participate in any way!


2014/07/20: deal.II is now hosted on github
After having used subversion for more than ten years, deal.II has now moved to a github repository to make it simpler for people to contribute. Links and a brief description of how to get the development sources from there can be found at the download page.
2013/12/24: Version 8.1 released
deal.II version 8.1 was released today. A full list of changes can be found here.
2013/12/18: step-26 for the heat equation
step-26 fills a long-standing gap: There was no tutorial program solving the heat equation. There was also no tutorial showing in relatively easy terms how to do adaptive meshes in time dependent problems. This program fills both of these needs.
2013/11/01: step-42 solves an elasto-plastic contact problem
step-42, written by Jörg Frohne, Timo Heister and Wolfgang Bangerth, shows how to solve an elasto-plastic contact problem. The program is an extension of step-41 to a much more complex equation (nonlinear elasto-plasticity) and also demonstrates how to compute solutions for such problems in parallel.

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The primary means of communicating with deal.II developers and users is by email:

The deal.II discussion group is used by developers to announce new features and by users to ask questions about how to do things with deal.II. This is also the forum to post bug reports. It may not be used for job offers and to ask for internships!.

Send email to Wolfgang Bangerth, Guido Kanschat, or Timo Heister if you have questions about obtaining deal.II, license issues and anything that applies to the library immediately.

We appreciate comments and suggestions on deal.II. They can be addressed to either of the addresses above, depending on their public or private nature.

Legal Notice: Some countries' laws require us to post this legal notice. Please write to the responsible federal judges if you find this silly.