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Changes since the last release

This is the list of changes made since the last release of deal.II. All entries are signed with the names of the authors.


Following are a few modifications to the library that unfortunately are incompatible with previous versions of the library, but which we deem necessary for the future maintainability of the library. Unfortunately, some of these changes will require modifications to application programs. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

  1. Changed: The oldest supported version of PETSc has been increased from 3.3.0 to 3.7.0.
    (David Wells, 2022/07/27)

  2. Removed: The deprecated QTrapez, ParticleHandler::locally_relevant_ids(), and Arkode::reinit_vector have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/29)

  3. Removed: The deprecated member function CellId::to_cell() has been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/28)

  4. Removed: The deprecated header file lac/parallel_block_vector.h has been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/27)

  5. Removed: The deprecated classes ConstantFunction and ZeroFunction have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/24)

  6. Removed: The deprecated member functions DoFHandler::initialize() and DoFHandler::set_fe() have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/24)

  7. Removed: The deprecated member functions of QProjector not using a ReferenceCell object have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/24)

  8. Removed: The deprecated functions MatrixFree::n_macro_cells(), MatrixFree::get_hp_cell_iterator(), MatrixFree::n_components_filled(), MatrixFree::get_dof_handler(), and MatrixFree::reinit() with default Mapping argument have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/22)

  9. Removed: The deprecated constructors for SparseVanka and SparseBlockVanka have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/22)

  10. Removed: The deprecated LinearAlgebra::CUDAWrappers::atomicAdd_wrapper has been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2022/06/22)

  11. Rotated: The list of incompatible changes has been rotated.
    (Matthias Maier, 2022/06/16)

  12. Removed: The previously deprecated class hp::DoFHandler has been removed, and with it all functions and classes that required the template parameter DoFHandlerType.
    From now on, use the standard DoFHandler. All hp-functionality has been integrated to this one.
    (Marc Fehling, Peter Munch, 2022/05/24)

  13. Removed: Deprecated constructors for PETScWrappers::MPI::SparseMatrix, a deprecated overload for PETScWrappers::MatrixBase::add and a deprecated constructor for PETScWrappers::MPI::Vector have been removed.
    (Daniel Arndt, 2020/04/21)


  1. Rotated: The list of major changes has been rotated.
    (Matthias Maier, 2022/06/16)

Specific improvements

  1. New: The CellAccessor::as_dof_handler_iterator() function can be used to convert from a Triangulation active cell iterator to a DoFHandler active cell iterator, or from an active cell iterator of one DoFHandler to that of another DoFHandler.
    (Jean-Paul Pelteret, 2022/07/15)

  2. Improved: Refinement and coarsening flags are now communicated in parallel::shared::Triangulation.
    (Peter Munch, 2022/07/12)

  3. New: Implement DataOut::write_deal_II_intermediate_in_parallel() that writes a combined file from all MPI ranks using MPI I/O of the internal patches and a corresponding DataOutReader::read_whole_parallel_file() to read them back in.
    (Timo Heister, 2022/07/07)

  4. Improved: The function GridGenerator::merge_triangulations() can now copy boundary ids to remaining boundary faces.
    (Johannes Heinz, 2022/07/07)

  5. New: There are now functions Utilities::MPI::isend() and Utilities::MPI::irecv() that can send and receive arbitrary objects to and from other processes, and that handle all of the setting up and tearing down of MPI objects and temporary buffers.
    (Wolfgang Bangerth, 2022/07/07)

  6. Improved: The function VectorTools::point_values() can now handle cell-data vectors.
    (Peter Munch, 2022/07/06)

  7. Added the missing explicit instantiations of DoFTools::distribute_cell_to_dof_vector for problems with non-zero codim (dim != spacedim)
    (Ahmad Shahba, 2022/07/06)

  8. Fixed: MappingCartesian used to throw exceptions in debug mode when checking if small cells in a large domain size are actually aligned to coordinate axes. This is fixed now.
    (Rene Gassmoeller, 2022/07/04)

  9. Fixed: The function find_active_cell_around_point() now skips cells without any marked vertices.
    (Johannes Heinz, 2022/06/28)

  10. Rotated: The list of minor changes has been rotated.
    (Matthias Maier, 2022/06/16)