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internal::GridReordering2d::MQuad Class Reference

#include <deal.II/grid/grid_reordering_internal.h>

Public Member Functions

 MQuad (const unsigned int v0, const unsigned int v1, const unsigned int v2, const unsigned int v3, const unsigned int s0, const unsigned int s1, const unsigned int s2, const unsigned int s3, const CellData< 2 > &cd)

Public Attributes

unsigned int v [4]
unsigned int side [4]
CellData< 2 > original_cell_data

Detailed Description

An enriched quad with information about how the mesh fits together so that we can move around the mesh efficiently.

Michael Anderson, 2003

Definition at line 102 of file grid_reordering_internal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

internal::GridReordering2d::MQuad::MQuad ( const unsigned int  v0,
const unsigned int  v1,
const unsigned int  v2,
const unsigned int  v3,
const unsigned int  s0,
const unsigned int  s1,
const unsigned int  s2,
const unsigned int  s3,
const CellData< 2 > &  cd 

v0 - v3 are indexes of the vertices of the quad, s0 - s3 are indexes for the sides of the quad

Definition at line 202 of file

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int internal::GridReordering2d::MQuad::v[4]

Stores the vertex numbers

Definition at line 122 of file grid_reordering_internal.h.

unsigned int internal::GridReordering2d::MQuad::side[4]

Stores the side numbers

Definition at line 126 of file grid_reordering_internal.h.

CellData<2> internal::GridReordering2d::MQuad::original_cell_data

Copy of the CellData object from which we construct the data of this object.

Definition at line 132 of file grid_reordering_internal.h.

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