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Vector< Number > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vector< Number >, including all inherited members.

add(const std::vector< size_type > &indices, const std::vector< OtherNumber > &values)Vector< Number >
add(const std::vector< size_type > &indices, const Vector< OtherNumber > &values)Vector< Number >
add(const size_type n_elements, const size_type *indices, const OtherNumber *values)Vector< Number >
add(const Number s)Vector< Number >
add(const Number a, const Vector< Number > &V, const Number b, const Vector< Number > &W)Vector< Number >
add(const Number a, const Vector< Number > &V)Vector< Number >
add_and_dot(const Number a, const Vector< Number > &V, const Vector< Number > &W)Vector< Number >
all_zero() const Vector< Number >
allocate()Vector< Number >private
begin()Vector< Number >
begin() const Vector< Number >
block_read(std::istream &in)Vector< Number >
block_write(std::ostream &out) const Vector< Number >
compress(::VectorOperation::values operation=::VectorOperation::unknown) const Vector< Number >
deallocate()Vector< Number >private
end()Vector< Number >
end() const Vector< Number >
equ(const Number a, const Vector< Number > &u)Vector< Number >
equ(const Number a, const Vector< Number2 > &u)Vector< Number >
ExcInUse(int arg1, char *arg2, std::string &arg3)Subscriptorstatic
ExcNoSubscriber(char *arg1, char *arg2)Subscriptorstatic
extract_subvector_to(const std::vector< size_type > &indices, std::vector< OtherNumber > &values) const Vector< Number >
extract_subvector_to(ForwardIterator indices_begin, const ForwardIterator indices_end, OutputIterator values_begin) const Vector< Number >
in_local_range(const size_type global_index) const Vector< Number >
is_non_negative() const Vector< Number >
l1_norm() const Vector< Number >
l2_norm() const Vector< Number >
LAPACKFullMatrix classVector< Number >friend
linfty_norm() const Vector< Number >
list_subscribers() const Subscriptor
load(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version)Vector< Number >
locally_owned_elements() const Vector< Number >
lp_norm(const real_type p) const Vector< Number >
max_vec_sizeVector< Number >protected
mean_value() const Vector< Number >
memory_consumption() const Vector< Number >
n_subscriptions() const Subscriptor
norm_sqr() const Vector< Number >
operator!=(const Vector< Number2 > &v) const Vector< Number >
operator()(const size_type i) const Vector< Number >
operator()(const size_type i)Vector< Number >
operator*(const Vector< Number2 > &V) const Vector< Number >
operator*=(const Number factor)Vector< Number >
operator+=(const Vector< Number > &V)Vector< Number >
operator-=(const Vector< Number > &V)Vector< Number >
operator/=(const Number factor)Vector< Number >
operator=(const Number s)Vector< Number >
operator=(const Vector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >
operator=(Vector< Number > &&v)Vector< Number >
operator=(const Vector< Number2 > &v)Vector< Number >
operator=(const BlockVector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >
operator=(const PETScWrappers::VectorBase &v)Vector< Number >
operator=(const TrilinosWrappers::MPI::Vector &v)Vector< Number >
Subscriptor::operator=(const Subscriptor &)Subscriptor
Subscriptor::operator=(Subscriptor &&)Subscriptor
operator==(const Vector< Number2 > &v) const Vector< Number >
operator[](const size_type i) const Vector< Number >
operator[](const size_type i)Vector< Number >
print(const char *format=nullptr) const 1Vector< Number >
print(std::ostream &out, const unsigned int precision=3, const bool scientific=true, const bool across=true) const Vector< Number >
print(LogStream &out, const unsigned int width=6, const bool across=true) const 1Vector< Number >
ratio(const Vector< Number > &a, const Vector< Number > &b) 1Vector< Number >
real_type typedefVector< Number >
reinit(const size_type N, const bool omit_zeroing_entries=false)Vector< Number >virtual
reinit(const Vector< Number2 > &V, const bool omit_zeroing_entries=false)Vector< Number >
sadd(const Number s, const Vector< Number > &V)Vector< Number >
sadd(const Number s, const Number a, const Vector< Number > &V)Vector< Number >
save(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version) const Vector< Number >
scale(const Vector< Number > &scaling_factors)Vector< Number >
scale(const Vector< Number2 > &scaling_factors)Vector< Number >
serialize(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version)Subscriptorinline
size() const Vector< Number >
subscribe(const char *identifier=nullptr) const Subscriptor
Subscriptor(const Subscriptor &)Subscriptor
Subscriptor(Subscriptor &&)Subscriptor
swap(Vector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >virtual
swap(LinearAlgebra::distributed::Vector< Number > &u, LinearAlgebra::distributed::Vector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >related
swap(LinearAlgebra::ReadWriteVector< Number > &u, LinearAlgebra::ReadWriteVector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >related
swap(Vector< Number > &u, Vector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >related
thread_loop_partitionerVector< Number >mutableprotected
unsubscribe(const char *identifier=nullptr) const Subscriptor
update_ghost_values() const Vector< Number >
valVector< Number >protected
value_type typedefVector< Number >
vec_sizeVector< Number >protected
Vector classVector< Number >friend
Vector()Vector< Number >
Vector(const Vector< Number > &v)Vector< Number >
Vector(Vector< Number > &&v)Vector< Number >
Vector(const Vector< OtherNumber > &v)Vector< Number >explicit
Vector(const PETScWrappers::VectorBase &v)Vector< Number >explicit
Vector(const TrilinosWrappers::MPI::Vector &v)Vector< Number >explicit
Vector(const size_type n)Vector< Number >explicit
Vector(const InputIterator first, const InputIterator last)Vector< Number >
VectorView< Number > classVector< Number >friend
~Vector()Vector< Number >virtual