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CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/matrix_free/cuda_matrix_free.h>

Public Member Functions

 AdditionalData (const ParallelizationScheme parallelization_scheme=parallel_in_elem, const UpdateFlags mapping_update_flags=update_gradients|update_JxW_values, const bool use_coloring=false, const bool n_colors=1)

Public Attributes

unsigned int n_colors
ParallelizationScheme parallelization_scheme
UpdateFlags mapping_update_flags
bool use_coloring

Detailed Description

template<int dim, typename Number = double>
struct CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData

Standardized data struct to pipe additional data to MatrixFree.

Definition at line 100 of file cuda_matrix_free.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdditionalData()

template<int dim, typename Number = double>
CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData::AdditionalData ( const ParallelizationScheme  parallelization_scheme = parallel_in_elem,
const UpdateFlags  mapping_update_flags = update_gradients | update_JxW_values,
const bool  use_coloring = false,
const bool  n_colors = 1 


Definition at line 105 of file cuda_matrix_free.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ n_colors

template<int dim, typename Number = double>
unsigned int CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData::n_colors

Number of colors created by the graph coloring algorithm.

Definition at line 120 of file cuda_matrix_free.h.

◆ parallelization_scheme

template<int dim, typename Number = double>
ParallelizationScheme CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData::parallelization_scheme

Parallelization scheme used, parallelization over degrees of freedom or over cells.

Definition at line 125 of file cuda_matrix_free.h.

◆ mapping_update_flags

template<int dim, typename Number = double>
UpdateFlags CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData::mapping_update_flags

This flag is used to determine which quantities should be cached. This class can cache data needed for gradient computations (inverse Jacobians), Jacobian determinants (JxW), quadrature points as well as data for Hessians (derivative of Jacobians). By default, only data for gradients and Jacobian determinants times quadrature weights, JxW, are cached. If quadrature points of second derivatives are needed, they must be specified by this field.

Definition at line 135 of file cuda_matrix_free.h.

◆ use_coloring

template<int dim, typename Number = double>
bool CUDAWrappers::MatrixFree< dim, Number >::AdditionalData::use_coloring

If true, use graph coloring. Otherwise, use atomic operations. Graph coloring ensures bitwise reproducibility but is slower on Pascal and newer architectures.

Definition at line 142 of file cuda_matrix_free.h.

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