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GridTools::internal Namespace Reference




struct  CellDataComparator
class  FaceDataHelper
class  FaceDataHelper< 1 >
class  Rotate3d
class  Scale
class  Shift


void append_face_data (const CellData< 1 > &face_data, SubCellData &subcell_data)
void append_face_data (const CellData< 2 > &face_data, SubCellData &subcell_data)
void laplace_solve (const SparseMatrix< double > &S, const AffineConstraints< double > &constraints, Vector< double > &u)
template<int spacedim>
bool compare_point_association (const unsigned int a, const unsigned int b, const Tensor< 1, spacedim > &point_direction, const std::vector< Tensor< 1, spacedim >> &center_directions)
template<class IT >
void set_subdomain_id_in_zorder_recursively (IT cell, unsigned int &current_proc_idx, unsigned int &current_cell_idx, const unsigned int n_active_cells, const unsigned int n_partitions)
template<int dim, int spacedim>
double diameter (const typename Triangulation< dim, spacedim >::cell_iterator &cell, const Mapping< dim, spacedim > &mapping)

Function Documentation

◆ append_face_data() [1/2]

void GridTools::internal::append_face_data ( const CellData< 1 > &  face_data,
SubCellData subcell_data 

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◆ append_face_data() [2/2]

void GridTools::internal::append_face_data ( const CellData< 2 > &  face_data,
SubCellData subcell_data 

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◆ laplace_solve()

void GridTools::internal::laplace_solve ( const SparseMatrix< double > &  S,
const AffineConstraints< double > &  constraints,
Vector< double > &  u 

Solve the Laplace equation for the laplace_transform function for one of the dim space dimensions. Factorized into a function of its own in order to allow parallel execution.

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◆ compare_point_association()

template<int spacedim>
bool GridTools::internal::compare_point_association ( const unsigned int  a,
const unsigned int  b,
const Tensor< 1, spacedim > &  point_direction,
const std::vector< Tensor< 1, spacedim >> &  center_directions 

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◆ set_subdomain_id_in_zorder_recursively()

template<class IT >
void GridTools::internal::set_subdomain_id_in_zorder_recursively ( IT  cell,
unsigned int current_proc_idx,
unsigned int current_cell_idx,
const unsigned int  n_active_cells,
const unsigned int  n_partitions 

recursive helper function for partition_triangulation_zorder

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◆ diameter()

template<int dim, int spacedim>
double GridTools::internal::diameter ( const typename Triangulation< dim, spacedim >::cell_iterator &  cell,
const Mapping< dim, spacedim > &  mapping 

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