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hp-finite element support
Collaboration diagram for hp-finite element support:




namespace  hp
namespace  hp::Refinement


class  hp::Collection< T >
class  hp::FECollection< dim, spacedim >
class  hp::FEValuesBase< dim, q_dim, FEValuesType >
class  hp::FEValues< dim, spacedim >
class  hp::FEFaceValues< dim, spacedim >
class  hp::FESubfaceValues< dim, spacedim >
class  hp::MappingCollection< dim, spacedim >
class  hp::QCollection< dim >

Detailed Description

Classes and functions that have to do with hp-finite elements. The step-27 tutorial program gives an overview of how to use the classes in this namespace. A slightly more exotic application is given in step-46.

The hp-namespace implements the algorithms and data structures used for the hp-framework in deal.II. An overview over the details of how these algorithms work and what data structures are used is given in the hp-paper.