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SparseVanka< number > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SparseVanka< number >, including all inherited members.

_mSparseVanka< number >private
_nSparseVanka< number >private
apply_preconditioner(Vector< number2 > &dst, const Vector< number2 > &src, const std::vector< bool > *const dof_mask=nullptr) constSparseVanka< number >protected
compute_inverse(const size_type row, std::vector< size_type > &local_indices)SparseVanka< number >private
compute_inverses()SparseVanka< number >private
compute_inverses(const size_type begin, const size_type end)SparseVanka< number >private
initialize(const SparseMatrix< number > &M, const AdditionalData &additional_data)SparseVanka< number >
inversesSparseVanka< number >mutableprivate
m() constSparseVanka< number >
matrixSparseVanka< number >private
memory_consumption() constSparseVanka< number >protected
n() constSparseVanka< number >
selectedSparseVanka< number >private
size_type typedefSparseVanka< number >
SparseBlockVankaSparseVanka< number >friend
SparseVanka()SparseVanka< number >
SparseVanka(const SparseMatrix< number > &M, const std::vector< bool > &selected)SparseVanka< number >
Tvmult(Vector< number2 > &dst, const Vector< number2 > &src) constSparseVanka< number >
vmult(Vector< number2 > &dst, const Vector< number2 > &src) constSparseVanka< number >
~SparseVanka()SparseVanka< number >