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Householder< number > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Householder< number >, including all inherited members.

diagonalHouseholder< number >private
Householder()=defaultHouseholder< number >
Householder(const FullMatrix< number2 > &A)Householder< number >
initialize(const FullMatrix< number2 > &A)Householder< number >
least_squares(Vector< number2 > &dst, const Vector< number2 > &src) constHouseholder< number >
least_squares(BlockVector< number2 > &dst, const BlockVector< number2 > &src) constHouseholder< number >
size_type typedefHouseholder< number >
storageHouseholder< number >private
Tvmult(VectorType &dst, const VectorType &src) constHouseholder< number >
vmult(VectorType &dst, const VectorType &src) constHouseholder< number >