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DataOutBase::PovrayFlags Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/base/data_out_base.h>

Inheritance diagram for DataOutBase::PovrayFlags:

Public Member Functions

 PovrayFlags (const bool smooth=false, const bool bicubic_patch=false, const bool external_data=false)
void parse_parameters (const ParameterHandler &prm)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataOutBase::OutputFlagsBase< PovrayFlags >
void parse_parameters (const ParameterHandler &prm)
std::size_t memory_consumption () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void declare_parameters (ParameterHandler &prm)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DataOutBase::OutputFlagsBase< PovrayFlags >
static void declare_parameters (ParameterHandler &prm)

Public Attributes

bool smooth
bool bicubic_patch
bool external_data

Detailed Description

Flags controlling the details of output in Povray format. Several flags are implemented, see their respective documentation.

Definition at line 744 of file data_out_base.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PovrayFlags()

DataOutBase::PovrayFlags::PovrayFlags ( const bool  smooth = false,
const bool  bicubic_patch = false,
const bool  external_data = false 


Definition at line 1807 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ declare_parameters()

void DataOutBase::PovrayFlags::declare_parameters ( ParameterHandler prm)

Declare all flags with name and type as offered by this class, for use in input files.

Definition at line 1963 of file

◆ parse_parameters()

void DataOutBase::PovrayFlags::parse_parameters ( const ParameterHandler prm)

Read the parameters declared in declare_parameters() and set the flags for this output format accordingly.

The flags thus obtained overwrite all previous contents of this object.

Definition at line 1985 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ smooth

bool DataOutBase::PovrayFlags::smooth

Normal vector interpolation, if set to true

default = false

Definition at line 751 of file data_out_base.h.

◆ bicubic_patch

bool DataOutBase::PovrayFlags::bicubic_patch

Use bicubic patches (b-splines) instead of triangles.

default = false

Definition at line 758 of file data_out_base.h.

◆ external_data

bool DataOutBase::PovrayFlags::external_data

include external "" with camera, light and texture definition for the scene.

default = false

Definition at line 766 of file data_out_base.h.

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