Reference documentation for deal.II version 9.1.1
PolynomialsBDM< dim > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PolynomialsBDM< dim >, including all inherited members.

compute(const Point< dim > &unit_point, std::vector< Tensor< 1, dim >> &values, std::vector< Tensor< 2, dim >> &grads, std::vector< Tensor< 3, dim >> &grad_grads, std::vector< Tensor< 4, dim >> &third_derivatives, std::vector< Tensor< 5, dim >> &fourth_derivatives) constPolynomialsBDM< dim >
compute_n_pols(unsigned int degree)PolynomialsBDM< dim >static
degree() constPolynomialsBDM< dim >inline
monomialsPolynomialsBDM< dim >private
mutexPolynomialsBDM< dim >mutableprivate
n() constPolynomialsBDM< dim >inline
n_polsPolynomialsBDM< dim >private
name() constPolynomialsBDM< dim >inline
p_fourth_derivativesPolynomialsBDM< dim >mutableprivate
p_grad_gradsPolynomialsBDM< dim >mutableprivate
p_gradsPolynomialsBDM< dim >mutableprivate
p_third_derivativesPolynomialsBDM< dim >mutableprivate
p_valuesPolynomialsBDM< dim >mutableprivate
polynomial_spacePolynomialsBDM< dim >private
PolynomialsBDM(const unsigned int k)PolynomialsBDM< dim >