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PETScWrappers::SolverBase::SolverData Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ~SolverData ()

Public Attributes

KSP ksp

Detailed Description

A structure that contains the PETSc solver and preconditioner objects. This object is preserved between subsequent calls to the solver if the same preconditioner is used as in the previous solver step. This may save some computation time, if setting up a preconditioner is expensive, such as in the case of an ILU for example.

The actual declaration of this class is complicated by the fact that PETSc changed its solver interface completely and incompatibly between versions 2.1.6 and 2.2.0 :-(

Objects of this type are explicitly created, but are destroyed when the surrounding solver object goes out of scope, or when we assign a new value to the pointer to this object. The respective *Destroy functions are therefore written into the destructor of this object, even though the object does not have a constructor.

Definition at line 234 of file petsc_solver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~SolverData()

PETScWrappers::SolverBase::SolverData::~SolverData ( )


Definition at line 38 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ ksp

KSP PETScWrappers::SolverBase::SolverData::ksp

Object for Krylov subspace solvers.

Definition at line 244 of file petsc_solver.h.

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