Reference documentation for deal.II version 9.4.0
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TensorPolynomialsBase< dim > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TensorPolynomialsBase< dim >, including all inherited members.

clone() const =0TensorPolynomialsBase< dim >pure virtual
degree() constTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >inline
evaluate(const Point< dim > &unit_point, std::vector< Tensor< 1, dim > > &values, std::vector< Tensor< 2, dim > > &grads, std::vector< Tensor< 3, dim > > &grad_grads, std::vector< Tensor< 4, dim > > &third_derivatives, std::vector< Tensor< 5, dim > > &fourth_derivatives) const =0TensorPolynomialsBase< dim >pure virtual
n() constTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >inline
n_polsTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >private
name() const =0TensorPolynomialsBase< dim >pure virtual
polynomial_degreeTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >private
TensorPolynomialsBase(const unsigned int deg, const unsigned int n_polynomials)TensorPolynomialsBase< dim >
TensorPolynomialsBase(TensorPolynomialsBase< dim > &&)=defaultTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >
TensorPolynomialsBase(const TensorPolynomialsBase< dim > &)=defaultTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >
~TensorPolynomialsBase()=defaultTensorPolynomialsBase< dim >virtual