Reference documentation for deal.II version 9.4.0
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AlignedVector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for AlignedVector< T >, including all inherited members.

AlignedVector()AlignedVector< T >
AlignedVector(const size_type size, const T &init=T())AlignedVector< T >explicit
AlignedVector(const AlignedVector< T > &vec)AlignedVector< T >
AlignedVector(AlignedVector< T > &&vec) noexceptAlignedVector< T >
allocated_elements_endAlignedVector< T >private
back()AlignedVector< T >
back() constAlignedVector< T >
begin()AlignedVector< T >
begin() constAlignedVector< T >
capacity() constAlignedVector< T >
clear()AlignedVector< T >
const_iterator typedefAlignedVector< T >
const_pointer typedefAlignedVector< T >
const_reference typedefAlignedVector< T >
data()AlignedVector< T >
data() constAlignedVector< T >
elementsAlignedVector< T >private
empty() constAlignedVector< T >
end()AlignedVector< T >
end() constAlignedVector< T >
fill()AlignedVector< T >
fill(const T &element)AlignedVector< T >
insert_back(ForwardIterator begin, ForwardIterator end)AlignedVector< T >
iterator typedefAlignedVector< T >
load(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version)AlignedVector< T >
memory_consumption() constAlignedVector< T >
operator!=(const AlignedVector< T > &lhs, const AlignedVector< T > &rhs)AlignedVector< T >related
operator=(const AlignedVector< T > &vec)AlignedVector< T >
operator=(AlignedVector< T > &&vec) noexceptAlignedVector< T >
operator==(const AlignedVector< T > &lhs, const AlignedVector< T > &rhs)AlignedVector< T >related
operator[](const size_type index)AlignedVector< T >
operator[](const size_type index) constAlignedVector< T >
pointer typedefAlignedVector< T >
push_back(const T in_data)AlignedVector< T >
reference typedefAlignedVector< T >
replicate_across_communicator(const MPI_Comm &communicator, const unsigned int root_process)AlignedVector< T >
reserve(const size_type new_allocated_size)AlignedVector< T >
resize(const size_type new_size)AlignedVector< T >
resize(const size_type new_size, const T &init)AlignedVector< T >
resize_fast(const size_type new_size)AlignedVector< T >
save(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version) constAlignedVector< T >
serialize(Archive &archive, const unsigned int version)AlignedVector< T >
size() constAlignedVector< T >
size_type typedefAlignedVector< T >
swap(AlignedVector< T > &vec)AlignedVector< T >
used_elements_endAlignedVector< T >private
value_type typedefAlignedVector< T >
~AlignedVector()=defaultAlignedVector< T >