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internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo Struct Reference

#include <deal.II/matrix_free/helper_functions.h>

Public Member Functions

 SizeInfo ()
void clear ()
template<typename StreamType >
void print_memory_statistics (StreamType &out, std::size_t data_length) const
void make_layout (const unsigned int n_active_cells_in, const unsigned int vectorization_length_in, std::vector< unsigned int > &boundary_cells, std::vector< unsigned int > &irregular_cells)

Public Attributes

IndexSet locally_owned_cells
MPI_Comm communicator

Detailed Description

A struct that collects all information related to the size of the problem and MPI parallelization.

Definition at line 88 of file helper_functions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo::SizeInfo ( )


Member Function Documentation

void internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo::clear ( )

Clears all data fields and resets the sizes to zero.

template<typename StreamType >
void internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo::print_memory_statistics ( StreamType &  out,
std::size_t  data_length 
) const

Prints minimum, average, and maximal memory consumption over the MPI processes.

void internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo::make_layout ( const unsigned int  n_active_cells_in,
const unsigned int  vectorization_length_in,
std::vector< unsigned int > &  boundary_cells,
std::vector< unsigned int > &  irregular_cells 

Determines the position of cells with ghosts for distributed-memory calculations.

Member Data Documentation

IndexSet internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo::locally_owned_cells

index sets to describe the layout of cells: locally owned cells and locally active cells

Definition at line 127 of file helper_functions.h.

MPI_Comm internal::MatrixFreeFunctions::SizeInfo::communicator

MPI communicator

Definition at line 133 of file helper_functions.h.

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