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TimeStepping Namespace Reference


class  EmbeddedExplicitRungeKutta
class  ExplicitRungeKutta
class  ImplicitRungeKutta
class  RungeKutta
class  TimeStepping


enum  runge_kutta_method
enum  embedded_runge_kutta_time_step

Detailed Description

Namespace containing the time stepping methods.

Bruno Turcksin

Enumeration Type Documentation

The following Runge-Kutta methods are available:

  • Explicit methods (see ExplicitRungeKutta::initialize):
    • FORWARD_EULER (first order)
    • RK_THIRD_ORDER (third order Runge-Kutta)
    • RK_CLASSIC_FOURTH_ORDER (classical fourth order Runge-Kutta)
  • Implicit methods (see ImplicitRungeKutta::initialize):
    • BACKWARD_EULER (first order)
    • IMPLICIT_MIDPOINT (second order)
    • CRANK_NICOLSON (second order)
    • SDIRK_TWO_STAGES (second order)
  • Embedded explicit methods (see EmbeddedExplicitRungeKutta::initialize):
    • HEUN_EULER (second order)
    • BOGACKI_SHAMPINE (third order)
    • DOPRI: Dormand-Prince (fifth order, method used by ode45 in MATLAB)
    • FEHLBERG (fifth order)
    • CASH_KARP (firth order)

Definition at line 55 of file time_stepping.h.

Reason for exiting evolve_one_time_step when using an embedded method: DELTA_T (the time step is in the valid range), MIN_DELTA_T (the time step was increased to the minimum acceptable time step), MAX_DELTA_T (the time step was reduced to the maximum acceptable time step).

Definition at line 69 of file time_stepping.h.