Reference documentation for deal.II version 8.4.1
DataComponentInterpretation Namespace Reference


enum  DataComponentInterpretation { component_is_scalar, component_is_part_of_vector }

Detailed Description

A namespace solely for the declaration of the DataComponentInterpretation::DataComponentInterpretation enum.

Enumeration Type Documentation

The members of this enum are used to describe the logical interpretation of what the various components of a vector-valued data set mean. For example, if one has a finite element for the Stokes equations in 2d, representing components \((u,v,p)\), one would like to indicate that the first two, \(u\) and \(v\), represent a logical vector so that later on when we generate graphical output we can hand them off to a visualization program that will automatically know to render them as a vector field, rather than as two separate and independent scalar fields.

By passing a set of enums of the current kind to the DataOut_DoFData::add_data_vector functions, this can be achieved.

See the step-22 tutorial program for an example on how this information can be used in practice.

Wolfgang Bangerth, 2007

Indicates that a component of a data set corresponds to a scalar field independent of the others.


Indicates that a component of a data set is part of a vector-valued quantity.

Definition at line 49 of file data_component_interpretation.h.