Reference documentation for deal.II version 8.4.1
Algorithms::Events Namespace Reference


const Event initial = Event::assign("Initial")
const Event remesh = Event::assign("Remesh")
const Event bad_derivative = Event::assign("Bad Derivative")
const Event new_time = Event::assign("New Time")
const Event new_timestep_size = Event::assign("New Time Step Size")

Detailed Description

Events used by library operators

Variable Documentation

const Event Algorithms::Events::initial = Event::assign("Initial")

The program has just started and everything should be new.

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const Event Algorithms::Events::remesh = Event::assign("Remesh")

The mesh has changed.

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const Event Algorithms::Events::bad_derivative = Event::assign("Bad Derivative")

The current derivative leads to slow convergence of Newton's method.

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const Event Algorithms::Events::new_time = Event::assign("New Time")

The time stepping scheme starts a new time step.

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const Event Algorithms::Events::new_timestep_size = Event::assign("New Time Step Size")

The time stepping scheme has changed the time step size.

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