Reference documentation for deal.II version 8.4.1
Here is a list of all modules:
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 deal.II and the C++11 standard
 Concepts, or expectations on template parameters
 Degrees of Freedom
 Constraints on degrees of freedom
 Exceptions and assertions
 Finite elements
 Base classes
 Finite element access/FEValues classes
 Handling vector valued problems
 Finite element space descriptions
 Mappings between reference and real cell
 How Mapping, FiniteElement, and FEValues work together
 The interplay of UpdateFlags, Mapping, and FiniteElement in FEValues
 Handling vector valued problems
 The geodynamics demonstration suite
 Geometric and other primitives
 Grid classes
 Boundary and manifold description for triangulations
 Iterators on mesh-like containers
 Accessor classes of the mesh iterators
 Manifold description for triangulations
 hp finite element support
 hp Collections
 The MeshWorker interface
 Graphical output
 Textual output
 Linear algebra classes
 Linear Operators
 Matrix classes
 Basic matrices
 Derived matrices
 Preconditioners and Relaxation Operators
 Preconditioners and Relaxation Operators
 Linear solver classes
 Sparsity patterns
 Vector memory management
 Vector classes
 Multilevel support
 Numerical algorithms
 Parallel computingA module discussing the use of multiple processors
 Parallel computing with multiple processors using distributed memoryA module discussing the use of parallelism on distributed memory clusters
 Parallel computing with multiple processors accessing shared memoryA module discussing the use of parallelism on shared memory machines. See the detailed documentation and Table of Contents below the lengthy list of members of this module
 Polynomials and polynomial spaces
 Quadrature formulas
 Utility functions and classes
 Memory handling
 Data storage primitives