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Utility functions and classes
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 Memory handling
 Data storage primitives




class  JobIdentifier
struct  Utilities::MPI::MinMaxAvg
class  Utilities::MPI::MPI_InitFinalize
class  Timer
class  TimerOutput
struct  TimerOutput::Section
class  TimerOutput::Scope
struct  Utilities::fixed_int_power< a, N >
struct  Utilities::fixed_int_power< a, 0 >
struct  Utilities::System::MemoryStats


enum  TimerOutput::OutputFrequency
enum  TimerOutput::OutputType

Detailed Description

This module simply collects a number of functions and classes that provide general tools for tasks that do not usually have much to do with finite element programs in particular, but happen to be required there just as well.

Enumeration Type Documentation

An enumeration data type that describes whether to generate output every time we exit a section, just in the end, both, or never.

Definition at line 431 of file timer.h.

An enumeration data type that describes whether to show CPU times, wall times, or both CPU and wall times whenever we generate output.

Definition at line 443 of file timer.h.