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#include <deal.II/lac/lapack_full_matrix.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from Subscriptor
 Subscriptor ()
 Subscriptor (const Subscriptor &)
 Subscriptor (Subscriptor &&) noexcept
virtual ~Subscriptor ()
Subscriptoroperator= (const Subscriptor &)
Subscriptoroperator= (Subscriptor &&) noexcept
void subscribe (const char *identifier=nullptr) const
void unsubscribe (const char *identifier=nullptr) const
unsigned int n_subscriptions () const
void list_subscribers () const
template<class Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar, const unsigned int version)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Subscriptor
static::ExceptionBase & ExcInUse (int arg1, char *arg2, std::string &arg3)
static::ExceptionBase & ExcNoSubscriber (char *arg1, char *arg2)

Detailed Description

template<typename number>
class PreconditionLU< number >

A preconditioner based on the LU-factorization of LAPACKFullMatrix.

Guido Kanschat, 2006

Definition at line 898 of file lapack_full_matrix.h.

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